Saturday, 30 June 2012

mr and mrs proudly made in the uk

Meet Mr and Mrs "Proudly Made In The Uk"

Gone are the times of petticoats and all full body swimsuits, forgotten are the nights of pulling the nightgowns done after you've "made love" by the very prim and proper couples who only got up close and personal to make a baby.

Forget about missionary, we like it rough and wild like mother nature intended

Our men go down and i dont mean to the shops

Our girls like to ride and not just horses
We wear masks and hoods and im not taking masquerade balls
69 is not just a number, its a way of life
And when our girls say they suck, they dont mean lolly pops
Our bed side tables have been cleared of bibles, handcuffs and ball gags take their place

The oil lamps are long forgot, fleshlights are where its at

Toys arent just for the kiddies, they are for the kinkies

With so many proudly made in the uk toys how can we possibly choose, so we clear out the memory boxes out from under the bed and in their place sit stacks and stacks of high powered sex aids and dildos of glass or stone
We are kinky and we like it
So join Mr and Mrs "Proudly Made In The Uk" and get your Rocks Off
Proudly Made in the UK

All rights © reserved by MrsHellKat

Friday, 29 June 2012 women's lucky dip lucky dip

For all those of you silly enough to miss out one the lucky dip's i wanted to share my amazing bargain with you, i certainly feel like the kat that got the cream and im sure all of you clever cookies out there that grabed one of these truely amazing deals will feel the same way.

First off iv got to say at only £24.95 these were over 50% off the RRP and being a lover of lucky dips since i was a child i couldnt resist the urge and OH MY GOD am i pleased i didnt

so lets take a little peek at what i got shall we ......

what we have here are 2 high quality toys and an awesome erotic book as a huge fan of reading anyway i was rather pleased to find this little gem hiden among my new toys, they also threw in a sexnap which is a nice little bonus comes in handy for some fun on the run

so first up we have the

"bunny plumb's lovematic"                   It is made from 100% silicone so you know it will have that sensual soft feel that we all love and with revolutionary spiral motion its sure to get your pulse racing to

what makes this even more remarkable is that the cheapest iv found this toy on line for is £53 so that one toy alone makes it more than worth your while

but amazingly we're not done as you also got this great erotic book.                                                                                                                                                     "subtext" by kate marley                                                                                                  is a modern day tale of female submission and as the winner of the ETO award for best erotic book brand for 2010  you know with out a doubt this is going to be one hell of a read.   
                                                                               our next little treat in this bag of sexiness is

"duo balls"                                            these super soft balls have internal weight movent for descreet fun out and about as well as at home, these great marbalized balls are also completely unisex.                     these balls are strong and durable and lets face it they look great making them a real must have item for him or for her                                                                                         
      Our last item in this lucky dip is a cheeky little bonus                                                                                                this "sexnap" is a handy little must have for you handbag it contains one soothing, moisturizing personal cloth towelette and in an indervidually wrapped packet you know it will be clean and sterile for when youve got a little dirty ;-)

All in all i have got to say i could not be more  pleased with this great set off goodies and i think you all will agree with me when i say have out done themselves once again. I for one can not wait to try these amazing products out, so if your interested in finding out how i get one please..................................

watch this space

Friday, 22 June 2012

The show by Hellkat

watching mark stroke his long hard member had keira horny as hell, laid on her bed she opened her legs and felt the moisture pooling between her thighs, slowly teasing her finger across her hard swollen clit she watched mark's hand gripping his cock firmly moving it up and down his shaft a bead of cum glistening on the tip of his gorgeous cock assured her he was enjoying the show too

she loved knowing mark liked to watch her play slipping her new bullet slowly over her wet pussy had him going wild but she kept up her slow teasing pace, listening to marks breathing quicken as she slipped her bullet into her tight pussy had a smile creeping across her face, his eyes were glued to her pussy and she loved it. watching marks hand grip his cock harder had her moaning out she loved his strong hands tilting her head back she could almost feel those strong hands on her neck remembering the way he held her down to tease and kiss her till she couldn't take anymore then thrusting the hard cock he was slowly pumping deep inside her

caught up in the fantasy she found her self pumping that little bullet faster and harder inside her picturing his cock thrusting deep inside her she cried out asking for him to fuck her harder

suddenly she was pinned beneath marks strong body his hard chest covered in thick hair crushed her breasts in the most delicious way " thinking about this way you baby " he growled in her ear as he thrust his full length deep inside her crying out she tumbled over the edge her pussy clamping tightly onto his member as he fucked her hard drawing out her orgasm for the longest time

wrapping her legs round his waist she bucked against him as he took her harder and faster loving the feel of his throbbing cock inside her she screamed out his name,  her second orgasm struck washing over her in wave after wave of ecstasy biting down on his hard shoulder she clung to him digging her nails into the thick muscles of his back as he pounded her,  grunting she felt him shoot his hot cum deep inside her and she screamed out his name the force of his cum  taking her to delicious bliss for the third time, as their body's stilled she felt mark shift she mourned the loss of his cock but a split second later he was crushing her to him and wrapping his strong arms around her closing her eyes she felt safe and drifting  of to sleep she knew her man would always protect her

All rights © reserved by MrsHellKat luck dip

I love surprises so when i see the "lucky dip" at i just had to have one,
and I'm very glad i did. at £4.99 this is a real bargain, one item, one great price

As always the delivery was quick and came well packaged in simple discreet wrapping and the item was bubble wrapped and also had card board round it for added protection

Wrapping open my parcel i was happier than a kid at Christmas but once inside i was even happier with my new find

This high intensity bullet is not only in my favourite colour but it has little crystals on it which makes it really girly without being to over the top

Once you open the outer packaging the bullet its self is plastic wrapped for added security which i think is a really nice touch

This bullet covers all the bases its quiet, its waterproof, it takes AAA batteries not the silly button batteries like other bullets. the extended battery life also gives you 8+ hours at low speed, 4+ hours at high speed so this little guy is reliable too, which is a huge bonus as other high intensity bullets tend to have a lot shorter battery life. The luminous touch activation is super easy to use with one touch the bullet is on, and buy holding the button down you can adjust the speed, no click, click, clicking threw setting which can spoil the moment. By giving it a second single push you can turn it straight off, another huge bonus, having to scroll through setting to get to the off setting can be very off putting especially when your trying to have some cheeky solo play, you don't want someone walking in on you to find you trying to sheepishly switch it off lol
The crystal bullet is also completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower as well as submerged in the bath. its also small enough to go in your handbag with out being to small it makes it fiddly to use.  

This bullet is great for solo play as iv mentioned but is also really great for couple play, your man will love the effect it has on you, and if your anything like me, it will have a HUGE effect ;-) trust me girls MARK my words you WANT IT .

head on over to now and grab one of these truly amazing bullets,

they are available to buy now in pink or blue and for only £17.95 that's a whole lot of power for your money.

                                                         Crystal High Intensity Bullet

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 review

 Triple Luxe Stimulator
By: hellkat
Date: (18 June 2012)
I'm not sure where to start apart from.........."ohhhhh myyyyyy goddddd!"
I love this toy unlike other triple toys I've tried this one has nice strong vibrations and it fits my body perfectly. The bulbus end on the shaft is amazing for g-spot stimulation, the clit stimulater feels wonderful and the little anal probe is great for teasing and as its only small its great for girls wanting to try anal play for the first time

I can't stress enough just how amazing this product is I've had triple toys before but nothing comes even close to this one I fully intend to buy another one just in case something happens to mine. review

(4 / 5)
Jessica Rabbit Ultimate
Date: (18 June 2012)
I love this rabbit it's a good size, without being too heavy and the touch pad is easy to use.

The shaft itself feels great and it is easy and comfortable to insert. once there the metal balls that rotate inside the shaft feel amazing. the rabbit ears are a great length and sit just where you need them. The ears themselves feel great and with 6 vibration settings your sure to find one to suit your needs

All in all this is a great product and would highly recomend it to all its a great addition to any collection and great for newbies too.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 review

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring

Mmmmmmmmmm yummy, 08 Jun 2012

by Hellkat, a Married Straight Female from United Kingdom

Overall Rating:
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
Ease of Use:
10 out of 10
Material & Build Quality:
10 out of 10
Strength of Vibrations:
8 out of 10
Orgasm Rating:
9 out of 10

I was so excited to receive this toy. It looks and feels great. I had high expectations and it did not disappoint.

The Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Rabbit Cock Ring has 5 vibration modes, thanks to a powerful bullet located inside the sleeve. With a push of the button (located on the base of the bullet) you can choose from 2 speeds and 3 patterns, all of which are amazing and I'm sure there will be something to tickle everyone's fancy.

The ring itself has 2 stretchy rings, which means it will comfortably fit all shapes and sizes and keeps him harder for longer without causing discomfort or having the risk of it slipping at that vital moment. The soft bunny ears create amazing clitoral stimulation and the super-soft silicone means not only do you get super strong vibrations but also the bunny ears do not pinch - so you can use this toy for long periods of time without being uncomfortable

This toy can be used in many ways on your partner during sex, over a vibrator to add a little cliteral stimulation, or you can remove the bullet vibrator and used it for pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris.

I found this ring worked amazingly well and would fully recommend it to everyone. Once again Lovehoney has come up trumps with another great addition. Thank you so so much.

Colour, feel, fit, vibration strength.
Nothing it's amazing.
Bottom Line
Must have for any toy box, buy one today.

Monday, 11 June 2012

stones never looked so good

Picture of ErosPicture of Zizila

check out some amazing stone dildos form right here

Picture of ThaliaPicture of CupidPicture of Volumptus

just some of the great offers form

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Secret Swag Bag
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More than 50% off magic!

you can now grab the fairy pocket mini rechargeable wand for only £35 rrp £71.99

brushed by Stal Lionne

BrushedPiper is a housewife and mother her whole life revolves around her family, feeling physically rejected by her husband frank she finds herself fantasising about her younger days and the times he ravaged her before the children had arrived, for piper and frank their sex life had become just a memory since the birth of their second child and since then piper has been left feeling unwanted and unattractive. As a character she is easy to relate to, many woman are left feeling this way once children arrive, fathers work harder to accommodate for the rise in spending and couples have less time for themselves. while reading this short story you will find yourself empathising with piper which allows you to really connect with the character.

Basking in the excitement of her new shoes and her new found feminism piper heads off to hire a decorator and stumbles across a sexy painter, mesmerised by his art work she finds her sexuality and things soon turn into a steamy encounter you are all sure to enjoy.

this is another great instalment form Stal Lionne and once again he has out done himself 

follow the link below to purchase this great book and revel in pipers steamy adventure

Saturday, 9 June 2012

custom fittings by Stal Lionne

Custom FittingsChloe is a frustrated business woman, spending all her time crunching numbers in an office full of men more concerned with making money than having fun. beneath her sophisticated business woman exterior Chloe is a wild woman in need of release, she hides her desires well, thinking she has everyone fooled that is until her friends give her a surprising gift card
what Chloe believes is a VIP shopping trip soon turns into her biggest fantasy its everything she ever wanted and everything she didn't realise she needed

Stal Lionne is a great new writer, 'custom fittings' is well structured and well written. Chloe as a character is like most woman hiding in the dreams and fantasies we believe we want without really realising what we truly desire

'Custom fittings' will capture your attention from the first page to the last, will you want what Chloe wants? or will you find yourself unleashing your own deepest darkest desires.

pick up a copy of this short read and his other work on amazon now

with all these naughty toys to play with why cant i find anything to tickle my fancy this morning, I had the sexiest dream last night about taking advantage of michael at his desk and woke up with my fingers rather busy. I know i sleep walk but didnt realise i sleep masturbate too ;-)

None of my current colletion are really screaming for me to get them out to play so that only means one thing


Friday, 8 June 2012

A meeting to be desired (by hellkat)

Keira walks into Michael’s office wearing a tight white shirt and a black pencil skirt no panties on underneath she locks the door behind her and pulls the blinds closed on the windows and slowly turns to face him sat at his desk, he smiles at her as she slowly undoes her shirt showing off her pert breasts and runs her fingers over her hard pink nipples. She watches him carefully as he shifts in his seat turning his chair to face her, she slowly walks around his desk and sits on the edge lifting her skirt up her thighs and places her legs either side of him slowly reaching between her legs she teases her hard clit as he watches Keira can see his long hard cock staining at the zip of his trousers and leans down to realise it sliding onto her knees in front of his chair and uses her tongue to slowly tease his bell-end. She can taste the saltiness of his need for her and she moans parting her lips she takes his cock into her mouth sucking harder and faster using her hand to work him from the base of his long cock as she sucks on his swollen tip Michael’s legs start to tense underneath her as she sucks and works his throbbing cock, She knows he’s getting close and she stops. stands up and straddles his hips slowly using his  cock to tease her wet pussy and clit, She leans  forward and pushes  her breasts into Michael’s face and a nipple into his  mouth he sucks and nibbles her as she uses his cock to tease them both  moving away she perches  on his desk again, she puts her feet on either side of his chair and pull Michael towards her till his face is buried between her legs, he licks her smooth  pussy his tongue flicking at her clit and probing her tight little hole. Throwing her head back she moans opening herself wide to his eager exploration.  Keira can’t take anymore she needs him inside her more than her next breath, she grabs him by the collar and pulls him up till he is standing between her parted thighs and slides forward impaling herself straight onto his thick length taking every inch of his  cock deep inside her. The feel of Michael stretching her tight pussy is glorious and it has Keira on the verge of orgasm she moves her hips in time with his deep thrusts as Michael pumps  into her over and over again her nails dig into his  arse and she uses the belt holes of his trousers to pull him closer urging him on, he fucks her harder and faster as she works her hips to meet him her clit rubbing on the thick hair of his lower belly pushing her closer and closer to the edge Michael pulls her head to the side and bites her shoulder and she screams out as wave after wave of pure ecstasy washes over her pussy clamps down on Michael’s cock and he spills his hot seed deep inside her Out of breath she stands up straightens her clothes unlocks the door and walks out without ever saying a word to him

All rights © reserved by MrsHellKat

lovehoney review

Bionic woman, 20 Apr 2012

by Hellkat, a Married Straight Female from United Kingdom

Overall Rating:
Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrator (new window)9 out of 10
9 out of 10
7 out of 10
Ease of Use:
10 out of 10
Material & Build Quality:
10 out of 10
Strength of Vibrations:
10 out of 10
Orgasm Rating:
10 out of 10

This bullet feels fantastic. It's very silky smooth and feels amazing on your skin.

It has 5 settings. The first setting starts off with a short burst followed by a medium continuous strong vibration. The second setting is a continuous strong vibration. The third setting is a quick pulse vibration. The fourth setting is a low, medium strong pulse. And the fifth setting is an alternating rumbling pulse with longer strong vibrations.

All of these setting are very effective. I personally like the fifth setting and I love the fact that you can hold the button down to turn it off instead of having to scroll through all the settings to get to the off.

The rubber button at the top of the bullet is also very sensitive so it's very easy to use. It's also not too loud either, even on the highest setting.

This bullet is great for solo play and during intercourse as it fits comfortably between you without getting in the way or causing discomfort.

On the whole, this is an amazing bullet and I would highly recommend it to everyone, couples and singles alike. It has something for everyone and no matter your tastes I think you will be very pleased with the Bionic Bullet.

Thanks Lovehoney, another job well done.

Everything... Texture, power, settings, it's not too loud.
Nothing, top marks.
Bottom Line
Great bullet, very nice to use, grab one today. A must have for everyone.