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An ambush of tigers by Mandy Monroe

Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles
Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5 paddles

Abby is a young woman fighting to protect tigers in Texas where they can be kept as pets She has opened her own sanctuary and works hard to give them the best possible care

When two Siberian tigers are Rescued from hideous circumstances and brought to her sanctuary it changes her life forever

Konar and Damian the tigers in question are not all they seem and when a flash flood threatens to destroy the sanctuary and kill all the residents including Abby things take a dramatic turn and the magic inside them is unleashed

 Stuck in their tiger form they were subjected to abuse at the hands of their "owner" before being brought to Abby's sanctuary and although they vowed to themselves they would never care for a human they both not only discover that Abby is their true mate but that together they become the triad the saviours of the were-tiger race

this is ultimately a love conquers all story of true love and that together they can overcome anything and Mandy Monroe  has done an exceptional job with the characters of  "An ambush of tigers" you truly believe the love and devotion they each share

The story itself is very well written and it flows really well keeping you engrossed in the action as well as their struggles to adapt to their new roles and with plenty of surprises "An ambush of tigers" will keep you guessing from start to finish

This is a very addictive read and you can't but hope that this is the first of many stories from Mandy Monroe that features this tantalising trio


Pleasure bound by Kat black

Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink):  5 out of 5 paddles

Adam is a high powered CEO of his own multinational company, a man used to being in control he demands respect and compliance from his staff and as a dominant he expects the same from Sam

Sam Tyler is a top executive and loves the power and pure masculinity Adam radiates but Sam has a secret desire she is afraid to share so when her birthday comes around and he promises to give her anything she needs she puts her plan in action, knowing it is a dangerous game to play with a man like Adam she is compelled by her own needs to go through with her plan regardless of the possible implications

Unknown to her Adam has his own ideas for their long weekend away; could her secret plans put pay to that?

Pleasure bound is very descriptive and extremely well written; you get a real feel for the characters surroundings which pull you into the story as well as the intimate scenes where the bdsm is very well written also. The two characters Sam and Adam work really well together and each have their own personal demons to face and as the reader you can’t help but hope everything works out for the couple

Pleasure bound is a very enjoyable look at one couples journey into the world of bdsm. Kat Black enables the reader to get true insights into the bdsm world and how different people react to the world for very different reasons.

A truly enjoyable read and I look forward to finding out what Kat Black has for us next

Sex toy society round up

Sex Toy Society – Edition 14

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heavenly toys review

Clone A Willy chocolate kit

As with all Clone A Willy kits you get a detailed instruction sheet that makes the process easy and fun and the kit includes everything you could possibly need to make your clone

Once you have removed all the contents and instruction sheet from the clear tube you can carefully trim the plastic tubing down to size, this is simple and easy to do with scissors

Once the tube is trimmed to size you can get to work on the cloning process once you have mixed the cloning powder with 425ml of water heated to 90f you have exactly 2 minutes to mix it together, fill the tube and insert your partners erect penis ensuring you hold it tight against his body

The cloning mixture cools quickly so do not be disheartened if your partner loses his erection, as long as your partner has an erection for the initial insert you should end up with a great mould

The mould should only take a couple of minutes to set, simply check the open end with your finger to insure it feels rubbery then you can remove your partners penis simply by gently pulling the tube away from his body  

Once you have your mould you place it into the fridge to cool, you place the clone upside down onto a plate which allows any excess water to run out

Now that your clone has cooled you can prepare your chocolate, empty the contents of the blue foil packet (which contains the chocolate) into a microwavable bowl, adjust the power level to 50% and slowly heat the chocolate 30seconds at a time stirring the chocolate at intervals to insure it does not burn once the chocolate has nearly all melted remove your bowl from the microwave and continue stirring this will ensure the remaining chocolate melts without the chocolate being over heated

Once fully melted you must wait for the chocolate to cool to under 90f then pour your chocolate into the mould once that has been done you can then add the lolly stick provided and place your mould back into the fridge to cool

Once cooled you can remove your finished chocolate clone it is advised that you should do this by first removing the mould from the plastic tubing and then gently cutting the mould open to remove your chocolate clone this is advised as it insures your clone does not break during extraction

Once your clone has been removed you may find some whitening of the chocolate this is perfectly normal and is the result of the heating and cooling process it is not at all harmful and does not affect the taste of the chocolate clone in any way

The chocolate supplied with the moulding kit tastes like cooking chocolate and all though very nice may not appeal to everyone’s taste but fear not you can use any chocolate your heart desires with this kit and I had a lot of fun creating a Caramac clone

When using other chocolate types the instructions are exactly the same for the cooking chocolate provided with the kit, heat it up slowly 30 seconds at a time then let it cool to below 90f

My husband and I were actually able to use our mould to create more than one clone we started off with our Caramac clone which we left in the fridge for a good hour before gently extracting it. We did so by gently removing our mould from the plastic tubing and then slowly eased the clone from the mould, you need to have a lot of patients to do this otherwise you could destroy the mould or damage the clone itself

Once the clone was removed we placed the mould back inside the tube and repeated the process to create the chocolate version

We did however notice we had a slightly better result from the Caramac clone this is because the melted Caramac was cooled to exactly 90f when we poured it in to the mould, whereas we left the chocolate to cool to approximately 86f and we noticed on extraction our chocolate clone had less detail due to its cooling far quicker so consequently picking up less detail

Although our chocolate clone had slightly less detail both our finished clones look amazing and we are very pleased with how they came out

You can have a lot of fun with this product and with a little imagination you can add a little twist to it. I myself chose to add mini marshmallows to the end of my chocolate clone by simply partly submerge the mini marshmallows into the melted chocolate this is so they stay in place once the chocolate cools, you could also use sprinkles or crushed nuts or anything that is not going to be too heavy and sink into the mould which could result in parts of your topping protruding from your mould on extraction

Once you have your finished clones suck, nibble, bite and enjoy

To get your hands one of these chocolate Clone A Willy kits you can visit and grab one for only £22.34 HERE 

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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sex toy society round up

Sex Toy Society – Edition 13

Sex Toy Society Review Directory

Welcome to Edition 13 of the Sex Toy Society round-up of all the sex toy reviews written by Society authors over the past week.
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vibrator kingdom review


Doc Johnson Wonderland Pleasure Pillar
I am a great believer in "it's the little things that really matter most" and when the pleasure pillar arrived from vibrator kingdom you realise just how true that is, wrapped in beautiful paper with a cute little ribbon I truly felt like Christmas had come early and I had to take a minute to appreciate the extra touch only a minute mind after all I was excited to get my new toy,

The actual packaging of the pleasure pillar is exquisite giving you a little taste of magic and taking you back to your childhood to when you first saw Alice in wonderland. Pulling the inner box from the sleeve you open the box like a book and nestled safely inside I found my pleasure pillar

This beautifully sculpted stunning green vibe is everything I hoped for and more it was far larger than I was expecting which was an extremely pleasant surprise as being listed as a bullet I was only expecting something small when this in fact is a sensual mini vibe you can tease and explore all your sensitive areas with

The pleasure pillar is ideal for clitoral stimulation due to the shape of the head and the bumps and overall shape of the pillar is great for shallow penetration which is something I love during solo play and the curve of this toy is ideal for g-spot stimulation

The pleasure pillar is made from non-phthalate silicone so you can be assured this product is body safe and being high grade silicone it feels great in your hands and on your body giving you a far more luxurious experience than cheaper made products

The pleasure pillar also features 10 intense function settings giving you a wide range of choice which also gives you more of a chance of finding a setting which is perfectly suited to your own individual needs

The lighted led push button is easy to use and rather than scrolling through the functions to find the off setting like some products you just hold down the button for two seconds to power it off

Being fully waterproof the pleasure pillar is also incredibly easy to clean in just soap and water as well as allowing you the freedom to use it in the bath or shower

Overall the pleasure pillar is a quality toy and a lot of thought has gone into the shape of the toy as well as the packaging itself, the combined effect is one of remarkable detail and the feel of a luxury item without the luxury price tag at currently only £28.99 from vibrator kingdom you really cannot go wrong and with four other members of this wonderland set your sure to find one that meets your every need as well as fitting your personality perfectly

You can check out the pleasure pillar at vibrator kingdom HERE and if you would like to meet the rest of the doc Johnson wonderland collection you can find them from vibrator kingdom HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


Claiming Julia by charisma knight

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles
Sting Factor (kink):  3 out of 5 paddles


This short fast paced book features Julia a curvy businesswoman who works for Angus a sexy yet demanding man who drives her crazy in more ways than one
Julia dreams of him, his tender loving side who cherishes her body and soul yet the fantasies morph into a nightmare and although she sees him turning into a beast the beast does not scare her which only adds to her confusion

Julia senses there is something different about Angus yet she has no idea what makes him different. Drawn to him in ways she can't understand she fights the attraction until one night Angus comes to her home late at night and the result changes her life forever
Remembering the words of her grandmother and the stories of her childhood she realises she and Angus are one and the same both holding a secret power and second nature inside them for they are both dragons
Both dominant by nature Angus finds it frustrating that Julia refuses to submit to him which is the way of the dragon and he takes a firmer hand with her which Julia soon relishes which changes her life forever
Being a fan of supernatural and shape shifting stories "Claiming Julia" by Charisma knight is an enjoyable change from other shape shifter stories and a great collaboration of the two themes

And thanks to charisma for writing the Julia character as a curvy character she is far more believable and this allows the average woman to really see herself as the character, women come in all shapes and sizes and it is nice to have a main character written as a sexy curvy girl who grabs the attention of the lead male who is himself sexy as hell because regardless of what the media may think guys like curves too

Charisma Knight has done a great Job with this story and as always her descriptive work is amazing, this is a fast pace read and although a little on the short side it is an enjoyable read and we can only but keep our fingers crossed for more
personally i was hoping to learn more about Bjorn who is Angus's "protector" the idea of a dragon protector intrigues me and i would like to of learnt more about his role in the story and i hope one day Charisma Knight will revisit this story and tell us more about these wonderful characters and where their lives are heading to next

This is a wonderful addition to my collection and one that i will without a doubt return to time and time again


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Kindred spirit by Maren Smith

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles                               
Sting Factor (kink):  3.5 out of 5 paddles

Mindy has moved from the city to live with her gran in willow grove after taking a trip into town to buy her gran some groceries she is accosted by the Balray brothers managing to flee the brothers she darts into the road and straight into the path of the " snake man's" bus the Balrays halt their pursuit and flee in the opposite direction Colton aka " snake man " rescues Mindy's shopping and shocked by the revelation she likes snakes offers to take her home

During the trip back to Mindy's house she stumbles across Colton's stash of spanking pornography mag’s and she slips them into her shopping bag to explore in secret

When he drops her off he mistakes her blushes and rushes to leave as fear and is completely thrown when she asks him to dinner the next night

Eagerly awaiting his arrival the next day after a night of flicking threw his magazines Mindy has no idea what to say to him

When Colton arrives Mindy soon gets her first taste of spanking enthralled by these new sensations she eagerly awaits their next date where things only get better and better in Mindy's eyes

Caught up in this exciting new world with Colton she soon realises he's everything she's ever wanted and more and Colton knows without a shadow of a doubt that  he has found his kindred spirit in Mindy

This is at heart a tale if two halves finding each other and exploring the exciting new life in which they can share

With Colton Mindy can indulge in her deepest darkest desires and Colton can do the same, together they make the perfect pair

This book is not as long as I would have hoped as it really pulled me in and I'm desperate to know more about the characters and follow in their adventure it's a great read and very well written

The book focuses on the spanking itself rather than any sexual aspect to the encounters which is actually a really nice change as it gives the reader a chance to really embrace the experience

This is a spanktastic read and it is sure to get your cheeks glowing let’s keep our bums pushed out proudly and all hope there is more to come from this spankingly great couple

By HellKat

You can check out this review and many others from HERE

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Clone A Willy Review



 Clone A Willy kit – light tone

      your kit includes
  • a moulding tube - designed to accomodate most penis sizes
  • moulding gel - algae-based gel is specifically timed to garantee a perfect mould of an erect penis
  • moulding powder
  • liquid rubber and liquid skin - mixed together to create every intricate detail of your clone
  • multi speed vibrator unit
  • thermomitor
  • wooden spatular
  • full Clone A Willy instructions

Setting up this kit ready was simple and easy to do the plastic tube is cut down to size and you cover the cut end with tape to ensure you have no sharp edges although I found this wasn’t really necessary I did so as I was determined to follow the instructions to the letter

Having helped my husband reach the appropriate aroused state I got to work with the mould itself, you use 425ml of water at the temp of 37 degrees celsius which is the equvalant to 98 degrees fahrenheit and mix that in with the white moulding powder, you must mix this together quickly and it looks a lot like lumpy porridge which is what it should look like, within the two minutes time limit you must mix the mixture and submerge the erect penis inside.

This is where the fun starts having set everything out extra carefully and my timer on ready I got started and in my eagerness I totally forgot to start the timer, cursing and rushing like a loon worried I would mess up I mixed like my life depended on it as my husband laughed his arse off rather enjoying the show. Then i pushed my hubby’s cock inside sending moulding mixture all down his leg and on to the floor, at this point we were both in hysterics, realising his penis was touching the side of the plastic tube I did as instructed and turned the tube which sorted the issue. And it soon became apparent I had no need to panic the way I did as the Clone A Willy kit was work exactly as it should have

My husband informed me the feel of the mixture was not unpleasant but was cool and cooled even more so very quickly which sent his semi erection fully flaccid despite the fact I was knelt before him completely naked

Having waited the two minutes needed for the moulding mixture to firm we tested the end and sure enough it felt like squishy rubber, a gentle pull,  holding the open end of the mould with my fingers and hubby was free, the removal was pain free and caused no discomfort at all

Now for the clean-up which was remarkably easy I was expecting the clean-up to be quite tricky but in truth it could not of been easier, the moulding mixture peeled right off and even on the hairy areas of his legs this was completely painless and again the mixture I spilt on the floor also peeled straight off as did the excess mixture in my mixing bowl.

As instructed we left the mould for a couple of hours and then tipped out the accumulated water from inside the mould which is completely normal and set to work mixing together the two pots of rubber mix one is the liquid rubber a clear thick mixture with a similar consistency to honey, the other is the light skin toned liquid skin mixture which is slightly runnier. Having mixed them together vigorously for the allotted two minutes we tipped it inside the mould leaving space to insert the vibrator provided.

Before inserting the viberator unit you need to make sure you have something to keep it in place which you do so using card, cut out a piece of card larger than the tube and snip an "x" into the centre large enough to hold the viberator snuggly at the screw top end, this is to ensure you do not submerge it too far and impair battery change to the vibrator. This I done before filling the mould with the rubber mixture but as it only takes a minute you can do this after if you forget as long as you do not leave it to long

Once you have poured the liquid skin mixture into the mould you insert the vibrator inside it, this is a tad difficult to judge if you have inserted the vibrator into the mould straight but I gave it my best guess and the card sits onto of the plastic tube holding it in place nicely  

Now for the wait you must leave the mixture to cure (harden) for 24 hours, I would suggest placing the mould somewhere safe and out of the way to make sure it is not  knocked over

Once the 24 hours is up you must check to ensure that the rubber mixture has indeed cured and then you can gently remove the finished clone from the mould this was easily done with a gentle twist and pull and it popped right out

As we expected the mould was an almost perfect replica of my husbands flaccid penis but this is something we both actually really loved the detail on the clone is amazing and the liquid skin feels great

My husband and I were both very impressed by the detail captured on the clone and the product worked remarkably well as expected from any products from Clone A Willy `

The Clone A Willy products are a great way for couples to bond and have fun and my husband and I enjoyed the experience immensely and are already planning more clones in the immediate future

Although we didn’t manage to capture my husband’s erect penis this was no fault of the Clone A Willy product and I can not stress this enough the product work exactly as it should, it was more our inability to take it to seriously we had far to much fun with the product, we had plenty of giggles and genuinely had a lot of enjoyment from it which is something you want from a product of this nature  and the best part of all is we now have a perfect clone to keep and play with for many years to come

We would both highly recommend this product as I have already mentioned it is a great way for couples to bond and the end result is a completely unique and personal product of the highest quality that you will love and cherish for many years

To get our hands one one of these amazing kits or one of the other great products from Clone A Willy visit there sit HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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Spunk lube hybrid

Spunk lube hybrid

The first thing you notice about spunk lube hybrid is the packaging, the ultra-trendy black bottles sport a white logo almost graffiti like in nature and the pump action cap ensures ease of use as well as safe guarding you from spills

Twist the neck of the cap anticlockwise to open it and the cap is ready to pump and to secure the pump for storage or travel all you need to do is push the pump down and while holding it down twist it clockwise and it will lock securely

The hybrid lube itself is an off white colour and slightly translucent giving it the appearance of ejaculate which is unique to this lube

It has quite a thick consistency remarkably like real ejaculate which also means you can apply it easily to the areas you desire without it running or dripping everywhere during application

The hybrid lube is essentially water based but includes a unique blend of silicone giving it a smooth silky consistency that feels very luxurious yet very natural at the same time this hypoallergenic formula is not only safe to use with condoms as well as all toy materials (including PVC, ABS, TPR, TPE, latex, silicone, rubber and glass) but it also reactivates with water, saliva, and sweat meaning it will never dry out when you need it most.

It is non-staining and is easily cleaned leaving no residue behind so you can be assured your clothing, toys and other bedroom accessories will be safe from harm

The hybrid lube is a joy to use giving you a comfortable and very natural experience unlike other lubes the hybrid does not feel sticky or tacky during use which can lead to uncomfortable chaffing. It is incredibly long lasting which means you don't need to keep reaching for the bottle to re-apply and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Although my husband was a little unsure about this lube due to its appearance he actually really likes it having a sensitive penis he finds some lubes cause irritation leaving him sore after use we had no such issue with the spunk hybrid lube which is great new and it did not leave behind any unsightly residue on his penis after use which is a real no, no for him when it comes to personal lubrication products where he is concerned

The spunk lube hybrid has a very subtle smell to it which you only notice if you put it directly under your nose straight from the bottle and although we both agreed it was a very pleasant smell we could not identify the scent during use which again gives you a very natural experience. Also the spunk lube hybrid is tasteless again enhancing your natural experience

When it comes to the clean up the spunk lube is incredibly easy to remove either with wet wipes or with your usual soap and water

The spunk lube hybrid comes in two main sizes an 8 ounce bottle or the smaller 2 ounce bottle which are ideal for travel or popping into your bag.

Overall we found the spunk lube hybrid to be a high quality lube and my husband and I particularly liked the packaging which gives the spunk lube a real funky edge to it while the lube itself gives you a very natural, very enjoyable experience we would highly recommend this lube and we are both very pleased to have this item as part of our sexual fun collection.

If you would like to get your hands on this lube or one of the other lubes available from spunk lube you can check them out  HERE and with some great deals currently on im sure you will be pleased you checked them out

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Thursday, 16 August 2012 review

Double penetrator cock ring from

This amazing double penetrator has a bendable spine hidden within the soft purple jelly shaft which means you can achieve the ultimate satisfaction as well as comfort

This amazing shaft bends perfectly to your individual shape and being made form soft jelly it is ultra-comfortable and easy on your body as well as giving you that delicious “filled” feeling

My husband found although it is a snug fit being stretchy it wasn’t too difficult to put on although he did say any men that don’t keep themselves trimmed may find a few hairs missing as it still tugged during placement even though he is well trimmed but this did not put him off what so ever he absolutely loved this double penetrator and so did I.

The cock ring double penetrator can be worn in two ways, with the bullet vibe acting as a clitoral stimulant or with it turned the other way so it acts as a stimulant to the testicles, either way works really well and after you have made your choice it is down to you to decide which shaft goes where, ohhhhh the choices

We found anal insertion was easy just add a little lube to yourself as well as the shaft of the toy and away you go

Double penetration really is the way to go if you enjoy anal not only are the sensations fabulous for the receiver but for the giver to as the stimuli from both shafts moving as one heightens the overall experience for both partners

The bullet itself is nice and powerful and the vibrations can be felt along the shaft of the toy as well as through the penis. My husband found this heightened his sensitivity greatly which added to his enjoyment but left him fighting the urge to climax, although he did say he was only fighting the urge as he was having far too much fun and didn’t want it to end so a big plus there

Cleaning of this double penetrator is also very simple just pop the bullet out and wash the cock ring in mild soap and water or toy cleaner I also gave the bullet itself a clean using wipes as this toy is not waterproof so care needs to be taken with the bullet

Overall this is a truly enjoyable product and we could not find any real faults with it. We would highly recommend this product and for currently only £21.45 at you really have got yourself an amazing bargain grab yourself one HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Thursday, 9 August 2012

"magic moments" review

The cock ring anal bead vibrator

The Cock Ring Anal Bead Vibrator is a pink jelly rabbit cock ring with a wireless bullet for added clitoral stimulation and unlike most cock rings this one features a tantalising string of anal beads that measure 8inches in length, these flexible jelly beads can be inserted in either the man or the woman making this a really versatile toy

Fitting this toy onto my husband’s shaft was easy the ring itself is nice and stretchy yet it held in place really well

Wearing this cock ring with the beads inserted inside the woman

First of iv always loved the feel of anal beads popping in but unlike others I have tried this string of beads has a bulbous slightly pointed first bead followed by beads of all the same size I enjoyed these far more than the graduating in size type beads as I find some of these start off far too small to really be of any benefit where as these beads where the perfect size
I was not sure how well these beads would work during intercourse so was very eager to try them and I have to say I am so glad I did the anal beads work really well, one of the beads was teasingly popping in and out with my husbands every thrust and when you couple that with the rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator you get a truly winning combination

The rabbit stimulator fit my body perfectly and we didn’t need to keep stopping to readjust it which can be a real mood killer. The only down side I found with this stimulator was the bullet itself we found that after about 20 minutes the vibrations slowed right down but if you turn it off for a minute or two then turn it back on it kicks back in although even without the vibrations of the bullet the rabbit works great on its own as it rubs and teases your clit with each thrust

Wearing this cock ring with the beads inserted inside the man

Although my husband has tried other anal toys this was his first experience with anal beads and I am pleased to report it was a positive experience for him, he found the anal beads comfortable to insert and wearing the cock ring itself was also very comfortable.  During intercourse he found that the beads stimulated his perineum and as he thrust it stimulated his anus as well.  the only down side he found was that afterwards his perineum was a little sore where it had chaffed a little although he said he didn’t notice this during use so to ensure this didn’t happen during future use we applied lube to the area and it worked wonderfully in fact he found it far more pleasurable

Overall we both loved the cock ring anal beads vibrator and it will fast become one of our favourites I’m sure and we was very impressed by not only how comfortable this toy was to use but how effective it was, unlike other 3in1 toys we have tried this one offers the best anal stimulation by far and I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys anal play and to those who would like to try anal toys for the first time  

The rabbit bullet itself takes three button batteries but two sets of these button batteries are included with the toy which is an absolute bonus plus these batteries can be found quite easily so you don’t need to worry about hunting down more  

This amazing cock ring is currently available at “magic moments” for only £15 so grab yourself one of these great 3in1 stimulators now right HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you