Tuesday, 23 October 2012

sex toy society round up

Sex Toy Society – Edition 21

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Welcome to Edition 21 of the Sex Toy Society round-up of all the sex toy reviews written by Society authors over the past week.
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Monday, 22 October 2012

www.desireandpleasure.co.uk review


The jog flow Contoured vibrator


 www.desireandpleasure.co.uk is a company run by the sexual health charity FPA they sell a range of toys, accessories and games to enhance your sexual pleasure and wellbeing. They are currently working on a “selected for you” range which is aimed at promoting sex toys and products that are suitable for the disabled, this is something I back highly, knowing only too well the effects disabilities can have on relationships as well as sexual enjoyment. So when I was offered the chance to work with this wonderful company I jumped at the chance.

When receiving a package from www.desiresandpleasure.co.uk you can be assured they will be very discreet and it will arrive in plain packaging and your items will be well wrapped and secure inside

Once opened I was pleasantly surprised by the jog flows modern look the packaging is a clear cylindrical tube with an orange top that matches the flow almost perfectly the clear packaging allows you to get a good look at the flow inside even before you take it out

The Jog Flow is made of a waterproof UltraZones Refined Touch material which is silicone based meaning it is soft to the touch, yet strong enough to keep up, it Features sensual ridges along the length of its fully bendable shaft and a choice of six vibration patterns.

How it measures up:

Length:   7.75 Inches

Insertable:   5.5 Inches

Diameter:   1.75 Inches

Width:  4.75 Inches
The overall shape of the flow is stunning and I love the vibrant orange, orange is not a colour readily available so when I see this advertised from www.desireandpleasure.co.uk I just had to have it. The UltraZones Refined Touch material feels incredibly soft and sensual and the bendable shaft means you can hit all your sensitive areas without it becoming uncomfortable during use the ridges are designed to tantalise and tease and the curved tip allows for great g-spot stimulation

It uses 3AA batteries and I was surprised by just how quiet the flow is I wouldn't say it's silent but you could comfortably use it without worrying you would be over heard, that is of course if you can stay quiet yourself

The jog flow has 6 different pattern settings which you activate and change using the orange button on the base but what makes the flow even better is that by turning the white dial that surrounds the orange button you can change the intensity of each setting, ranging from a low setting to a reasonably high setting ensuring there will be a setting and vibration strength that will accommodate most needs. My personal favourite is the double speed wave setting on high but each and every setting is very pleasurable and the bendable shaft ensures it hits your sensitive spots making it a highly enjoyable toy to use

Cleaning is very easy with just soap and water or toy cleaner and being waterproof you don't need to worry about being too careful with the water. This also means you are free to use the flow in both the bath and shower making the flow a nice versatile toy

Due to the texture of the flows shaft it does pick up fluff very easily which is the same for most silicone toys so I would suggest you store the flow either in its original packaging or a plastic toy container to ensure it is ready and willing when you are, this is not essential of course as you can simply run it under warm water for a few seconds and any fluff will wash right off and the flow will be ready to use

Being a silicone based material I would suggest you only use a water based lube with the flow as over time a silicone lube can degrade a silicone based toy, this of course is only a precaution and being such a wonderful toy to use I’m sure like me you will want to do everything possible to prolong its working life  

If you would like to learn more about www.desireandpleasure.co.uk and everything they stand for you can visit their site HERE

And purchase the stunning jog flow right HERE for only £33.99

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by desireandpleasure.co.uk free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Saturday, 20 October 2012

www.desireandpleasure.co.uk blog post

www.desireandpleasure.co.uk are a company run by the sexual health charity FPA they sell a range of toys, accessories and games to enhance your sexual pleasure and wellbeing. They are looking to expand their range to esnure what ever your needs you will be catered for, please take a minute to read this blog post and follow the link at the end, lets do our bit to promote better sex for everyone

Help us to create the biggest range of inclusive sex toys ever!

Today Desire and Pleasure is launching what we believe is the first step towards creating the biggest range of inclusive sex toys in the world.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

We have spoken to sex toy reviewers and other experts to compile a range of inclusive toys – our ‘Selected For You’ range.

However, this is a work in progress. To meet every need and level of ability, we’ll need your help.
The more feedback we get from you the more we can evolve the product range and the information we provide on the site.

What’s more, all the profits from Desire and Pleasure go to FPA, one of the world’s oldest sexual health charities. So by helping us create the best ever range of sex toys, you’re supporting a charity too!

How can you help contribute to the ‘Selected For You’ sex toy range?

We want your feedback. What are your experiences of sex toys both good and bad? What things do we need to consider? What is good or bad about the range? What have we forgotten?

As an incentive to take part, we will choose one contributor at random to select a free sex toy from the Selected For You sex toy range.

please help them achieve there goal by following this link and completeing there short survey


Friday, 19 October 2012

www.voluptasse.co.uk review

Crystal balls, hand blown glass duotone pleasure balls


Kegel balls, jiggle balls, love balls or pleasure balls whatever you chose to call them these little gems have been getting a lot more attention recently and with obvious Heath benefits its surprising it has taken this long for them to get the respect they deserve

Being a big fan of glass when I see these crystal balls from cal exotics at http://www.voluptasse.co.uk I just knew I had to try them

They arrived securely and discreetly as with any purchase from voluptasse, tearing the package open I found a cute pink heart shaped tin hiding safely inside

Opening the tin I was instantly taken back by how beautiful I found these, the red heart is encased in clear solid glass with no obvious seal making this completely smooth and sensual to the touch

Being glass these balls have a nice weight to them but unlike other kegel balls being glass they do not have a lose weight inside them that moves when you walk creating the "jiggle" for me this was a bonus as the jiggle can certainly get annoying at times and I can only really use balls of that nature if the mood strikes me, these balls I feel I would use more regularly

Unlike other kegel ball types these crystal balls are not connected to each other which is something I personally haven't seen before and they have no cord for removal so for use you just pop them in separately and push them into position with your finger, and for removal simply bare down using your pelvic floor (as if you’re having a poo) and they will pop right out

The first time I used these I popped them straight in after cleaning, being glass even water makes them slippery for easy insertion These crystal balls are smaller than other kegel’s  I have tried meaning they are incredibly easy to insert without lube but this can also make them a slight challenge to hold in place at times

Once inside my mum decided to make it her mission to get me to laugh and see how long I could hold them in, it wasn't long the water made these extra slippy and one popped straight out the moment I laughed. Undeterred I pop it straight back in a went off to pick my son up from school, due to their small size they are harder to feel than other balls but there weight is noticeable meaning Although I couldn't feel the individual balls I could tell they were there and  needed to concentrate rather hard to keep them in place

Once I got used to them though I found them far more natural to use and didn't struggle to keep them in which is great, being a mother I do believe these would be more suitable for women who have not had children or for more experienced users as even with practise a regular kegel user like myself can still lose one I highly recommend panties and tight trousers so one doesn't slip out your trouser leg while out and about as this is a little awkward to explain to onlookers, yes I'm talking from experience

However that little mishap did teach me that these are nice and robust and even after falling on the pavement and being kicked twice by passers bye they sustained not so much as a scratch

Cleaning these crystal balls is simply done with soap and water or toy cleaner if you prefer

As previously mentioned I would not use any lubricant with these balls but being glass they are very easy to insert with no lubrication at all so will cause you no discomfort

For first time users I suggest you start of by using these crystal balls for short periods of time then work your way up to hours

As with all kegel balls you should always try to use them with an empty bladder as in some people (me included) they can cause tummy ache and you should always remove them before use the toilet as the muscles used to control kegel’s are also the same muscles you use when urinating
Being glass you can also heat these up or cool them down to add to the sensations during use and they also work really well as a little tease during foreplay, roll the cool balls over your partners body or have him roll them across your breasts for an added treat

On the whole with a little practise these are great balls to use, they are comfortable to use even for long periods of time and it will not be long before you notice better bladder control and stronger orgasms and you may even find yourself getting aroused while using these, i know i did 
I thoroughly enjoyed these crystal balls and I will continue to use them regularly if you would like a pair of these balls you can purchase them HERE from www.voluptasse.co.uk

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by voluptasse.co.uk free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DOM-estics.co.uk review


Basic rubber cuffs


Over the years I have been called a terrible sub, but then I have never labelled myself as one, yes I like to be dominated but that's because I like to put up a fight and feel over powered, for me the struggle is what excites me. I also relish in taking a more dominant roll and having control of my husband’s pleasure so for us restraints are an important part of our relationship so when DOM-estics.co.uk asked me to reviews these basic rubber cuffs I could not have been more excited

When looking for restraints ideally we prefer something that will fit both myself and my husband comfortably as well as being sturdy enough to withstand a lot of pressure and strain which is not always easy due to the size difference in our wrists and the stress we usually put them under but thankfully these rubber cuffs fit us both perfectly, they are a good width for both of us and once on they fit our wrists better than any others we have tried

Having 11 sizing holes mean that these cuffs can adjust to a variety of sizes measuring from a tiny 15Cm to a larger 28Cm 

This also means they can be used as ankle restraints for some couples as they fit my ankles just fine

These basic rubber cuffs are made from 3mm neoprene rubber which is both vegan friendly and latex free. So will appeal to a wide range of people where till now cuffs of this nature where a no go

During use is where these cuffs really come into their own hanging from a door with only the cuffs holding me up would usually mean a lot of pain but not once did they uncomfortably cut into my wrists like other cuffs and the reinforced D-ring and rivets stayed put under the strain and showed no sign of distress which is very impressive

The main reason I love these cuffs so much is that thanks to the d-rings I can incorporate my other kinks during use, personally I enjoy mild breath play so by wrapping a scarf or soft rope round my neck I can attach a cuff to each end using the D-rings and be in complete control of how tight the rope is against my throat. Granted this is not for everyone and breath play should always be done with extreme caution and care but for those looking at trying breath play for the first time, using these cuffs in the way I have just explained could be a good starting point

Thanks to neoprene rubber these cuffs are made of it also makes them food safe and easy to clean so it doesn't matter how messy you get in these cuffs they will always end up looking just like new and thanks to the D-rings you can use the traditional double trigger clips or a wide variety of things such as rope, chain or ribbon to secure the cuffs to each other or to equipment and furniture making these high quality cuffs very versatile and fun to use

These cuffs are also hand made in the UK which is something I love as far too many products like this are mass produced meaning you don't always get the high quality finish you do with these

DOM-estics have named these “basic rubber cuffs" but I really can't see anything "basic" about them they are produced to a very high standard and are obviously made from high quantity material the rivets and D-rings are reinforced and can withstand a lot of strain

Lastly they can also be worn on their own to add an edgy kinktastic look to any outfit. These rubber cuffs are available in both the white featured in this review and black which are both equally stunning although the black version of these cuffs are not food safe they are still made to the highest standard using high quality materials and for a remarkable price of only £24.95 you really are getting yourself a bargain with which ever set of these amazing cuffs you chose and they are sure to become one of your favourite kink accessories just as they have with us

You can buy these  basic white rubber cuffs direct from DOM-estics HERE or the black version HERE you can also meet them at one of the many fetish markets and events that they attend for more infomation on events they attend you can vistit them at www.DOM-estics.co.uk or follow this LINK


Disclaimer: This product has been provided by DOM-estics.co.uk free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fleshlight.com review

Fleshlight "flight"


The flight is the newest addition to the fleshlight family with their patented superskin material it is like nothing you will ever experience elsewhere 

The superskin feels fantastic and I spent an obscene amount of time just stoking it I have never experienced penis envy so bad in all my life

With the flight you receive a new and unique textured ice “clear" insert which is designed specifically for the flight

The insert itself contains no latex, plastic, silicone or phthalates meaning this safely guarded secret is completely body safe

The case itself is made from ASB hard plastic with a circler pitted design on it a lot like a golf ball the case unlike other of the fleshlight ranges comes in a new sleek shape it is streamlined and far more discrete compared to the other styles meaning you could (if you chose) leave it out in plain sight and no one would suspect it of being a sex toy

The case itself opens at both ends the larger cap conceals the wondrous vortex like opening of the insert and the smaller cap has a dual purpose firstly once fully removed it aids in cleaning and secondly by twisting the screw cap you can adjust the suction the insert creates during use

Removing the insert is very simple just unscrew both ends and gently pull it out, it pulls out very easily and then you can really see the wonders this new texture holds just inside the vortex like opening there are soft bumps lining the inside, slipping further inside it opens up slightly with larder rounded nobbles to tease and tantalise then tightens up again before entering my favourite textured area larger more prominent nobbles that caress and excite finishing off with smaller bumps and lastly ridges that work wondrously well at stimulating the penis head

During use this particular insert feels very similar to anal sex in my husband’s opinion but with that added extra, once water based lube is added you can insert your erect penis and the insert expands to accommodate you, the texture of the case makes it very easy to keep hold of as you manipulate the flight although we did find that you can get excess lube seeping from smaller screw cap if you use to much but this doesn't really cause much of a problem where use and performance are concerned

The flight is also waterproof fleshlight themselves do state that you should take care when using this flight during shower or baths though as the oils in soaps can degrade the insert over time but by using the flight while submerged in water does create further sensations and the warm water also hears the insert again changing the stimulation you experience

 When cleaning the flight fleshlight suggest you simply rinse the insert with warm water from your sand allow time for it to air dry before storing. You must NOT use soap to clean your SuperSkin sleeve as the oils in soap can damage your insert For tough cleaning, they suggest using a little isopropyl alcohol or you can purchase their fleshlight wash from them directly HERE To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch (corn flour to us brits) on the sleeve and shake off any excess powder. You can also purchase the renewing fleshlight renewing powder from them directly HERE Fleshlight also warn you against using talcum or baby powder as an alternative as Powdering an Ice Fleshlight insert  with anything other than corn starch will cause it to cloud over and lose its clear quality.

Once you have washed your flight insert you will notice even once dried it will have a tacky texture to it, this is quite normal and does not affect the performance what's so ever and by adding corn starch either shop brought or via the fleshlight  renewal powder you will return the insert to its original silky smoothness

How the flight measures up;

Overall length: 8.1 inches

Internal length: 6.5 inches

Canal diameter: 0.5 inches and will stretch to accommodate most sizes

The fleshlight flights discreet appearance and size makes it ideal for travel although for the larger equipped males I would suggest you use one of Fleshlights other products as these are slightly larger and will accommodate you better, my husband is a good 8inch + and the flight although enjoyable to use could of done with being slightly longer so he could fully insert his erection

Overall my husband’s first fleshlight experience has been a positive one, the quality of the fleshlight is remarkable and the superskin feels wonderful to touch although softer than he usually prefers the simulations he experienced from the insert were enjoyable and are great for getting him all worked up

The fleshlight flight is great as a couples to as I enjoyed using it in him just as much as he did being on the receiving end so it is a great way for a couple to connect and have fun as part of foreplay and of course it is great for solo play too

You can purchase the "flight" direct from fleshlight HERE as well as all their other products at fleshlight.com

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by fleshlight.com free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

leatherdelights.co.uk review


Leatherdelights bit gag


The first thing you notice about this bit gag is its incredible smell just opening my package i could smell the high quality leather if knew nothing else of this remarkable piece of kit that would be enough from the smell alone I was won over completely

Once out of the packaging and in my hands I had to stifle a moan the leather feels amazing and the rubber bit feels sturdy and incredibly smooth and even the bit itself smells nice

The leather head strap has 23 holes and is sure to fit most head sizes and featuring a traditional buckle it is easy to wear and is very comfortable to wear

The gag itself measure 15cm with a biteable area of 8cm again perfect for both men and women in a verity of sizes

Leatherdelights.co.uk also do a small version of this so don't be worried of you have more dainty needs Leatherdelights can cater for everyone

Before trying out my bit gag I washed the bit carefully in mild soap and water to ensure no residue from manufacturing remained

I have to admit at this point that I have bite through more than one ball gag in the last couple  of months my husband loves to point out I am far more dangerous than both our Rottweiler’s put together and he would take a bite of them compared to me any day  so anyway back to the point

Due to my previous history with gags I was apprehensive of course but lost in the moment I forgot to go easy and sunk my teeth in like a rabid dog and to my utter surprise not even a mark was left behind I seriously could not of been more impressed by this and I don't think my husband could be either

The Leatherdelights bit gag also features a D-ring on either side so can easily be paired with leashes, restraints and other fetish gear and being a bit gag it is also perfect for pony play lovers

For years I have had to control my biting instinct for fear of hurting my husband during climax as I often lose control and bite far harder than is comfortable so i usually rely on biting myself which is fine during the heat of the moment but when you end up with bloody bite marks as an end result I have had to learn self-control which can often impair my enjoyment now thanks to leatherdelights I never have to worry again I would class myself as a heavy duty biter and for this gag to withstand my bite is seriously impressive and I would highly recommend it to both heavy duty users and newbies a like

It is a comfortable resilient gag and looks and smells delicious and it tastes damn good too
If you are interested in this wonderful bit gag and would like to purchase on for yourself you can do so HERE

With this large bite gag I also ordered a selection of mini paddles which I am choosing to review alongside this gag 

I ordered 3 mini paddles and received one free with my order which is a lovely free gift you receive with all Leatherdelights orders 

I only specified black as my choice and left the rest up to Leatherdelights.co.uk as I love surprises and I'm happy to say I could not of chosen better myself I received a black leather "Willy Whacker",  a black leather "Pussy Paddle",  a hard rubber tread paddle and a black leather "BedSnake Bat" all of which are made from high quantity materials and feature a D-ring so can easily be attached to bags or purses and my husband has even attached one to a leather cord he now wears around his neck for "spank on the go" as he calls it

These are great for intimate spanking as well as for those who maybe exploring spanking for the first time and want to start off small, they also look great on keys for a cheeky little key ring for those of us who are proud of our kinktastic lifestyle.

Whichever reason you choose to buy one or more of these mini paddles you are sure to be impressed as for something so small it is obvious a lot of effort has gone into making these a high quality product and you are sure to love them as much as I do

These mini paddles are not currently available on the leatherdelights website but as iv mentioned previously they add one free of charge to all orders for a cheeky little thank you gift and you can buy them directly at any of the fetish markets and events that leather delights attend

you can find out which events leatherdelights will be attending right HERE


willycaketin.com review

Willy cake tin


Admittedly I'm no Delilah Smith or Nigella Lawson but after some great feedback on my chocolate clone a willy kit from heavenlytoys.co.uk I was offered the chance to review a willy cake mould from willycaketin.com so who was I to turn down the challenge

This Willy tin is a 100% carbon steel, non-stick coated cake tin which can be used to mould cakes, ice cream, blancmange or jelly’s... anything you fancy really

Measuring 27cm in length and 15cm at the widest part it produces a cake 26cm (10.25 inches) in length

The tin itself is quite thick so you don't have to worry about it being dinged or damaged during storage

Thankfully it is not one of those tins that has a painted surface so you will not experience the annoyance of flaking or chipping after only a few uses which renders tins useless meaning this tin, If used properly will last many  years creating wonderful willy shaped treats for lots of naughty parties

Unlike my mum and much to her annoyance I have never had the patients for baking cakes so I cheated a little with my chocolate creation purchasing a heavenly chocolate cake packet mix I got to work

Only lightly greasing my tin due to it being non-stick I filled my mould and popped it in the oven and waited. Once cooked i placed a cooling rack on top and tuned it over and like any good non-stick tin my finished cake popped straight out leaving no cake mixture behind so for my second layer I refilled the tin without greasing it this time and tried again and to my surprise the second cake popped straight out as well

Once cooled I put a layer of chocolate orange butter cream between the two cakes and then decorated the whole cake (admittedly not brilliantly)  with chocolate and orange butter cream and chocolate curls to finish

Overall the Willy tin was very easy to use and I was impressed by its non-stick capabilities even not greasing the tin for the second cake left me with a perfect Willy shaped cake the tin is nice and thick without being heavy so there is no fear of it disfiguring after multiple uses

Impressed by my achievements with the cake (yes to me my cake is impressive) I decided to try a jelly so filling my mould with strawberry jelly and mandarins I popped it in the fridge overnight and come morning popped a cake board over the top and turned it over and to my surprise just like the cakes the jelly popped right out leaving me with a scrummy looking willy jelly which just goes to prove you really can use this tin to create an array of willy treats for all your naughty party needs

And being only £10.95 from willycaketin.com means you can create a multitude of Willy shaped treats without breaking the budget if you would like to get your hands on one of these tins you can get one right HERE

straight cake tin


Friday, 5 October 2012

Sex toy society round up

Sex Toy Society – Edition 19

Sex Toy Society Review Directory
Welcome to Edition 19 of the Sex Toy Society round-up of all the sex toy reviews written by Society authors over the past week.
Want to be included in next weeks edition? All you need to do is visit this page and submit your latest reviews and photographs before 11:59pm BST on Thursday 11th October 2012. Our authors of the week are selected by the number of reviews published, comments posted, ratings submitted and photographs added to the Society so get adding!
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

"magic moments" sextoyshopping.co.uk review


Mojo Cock Sleeve

The mojo "svelte" is an Erection Holding Cock Sleeve designed to support your erection and give extra stimulation to your lover. The Mojo Cock Sleeve is manufactured from high quality silicone making it firm yet flexible. It is easy to put on just
Stretch the sleeve over the head of your penis and slide it down your shaft to where it feels most comfortable

My hubby chose to place this at the base of his shaft but others could choose to place it further up if they wished

Once on it feels comfortable and doesn't pinch and it stays perfectly in place which was surprising, looking at the shape of this particular design my husband and I were both expecting some movement from the sleeve during use but we where wrong

The first time we used this sleeve I have to admit we used it with lots of water based lubricant as I was a little concerned it may cause some discomfort or chaffing but yet again this little sleeve proved me wrong I experienced no discomfort what's so ever so feeling braver we went o' natural on our second attempt and surprisingly the results where the same no discomfort , no chaffing, no pinching

During use the mojo does desensitise the penis some what as my husband reported it restricts sensitivity to the penis shaft but as it leaves the head of the penis free it does not effect your overall enjoyment and if your looking particularly for a sleeve that will increase your staying power this probably isn't the sleeve for you. Saying that this sleeve definitely heightens the sensitivity to your partner, the added stimulation the ridges of this sleeve give you are wonderful and could easily speed up your partners climax which would be great for any couples looking for a product to help them find simultaneous climax

Being made from high grade silicone this sleeve is of course waterproof and very easy to clean with soap and water or toy cleaner but being silicone I would suggest you only use a water based lubricant with this product

Being only 3 inches in length the sleeve is also easy to conceal and being flexible you could easily pop it into your pocket where even in jeans it would go un noticed

Overall we found this sleeve to be a great little product it was very comfortable to use for both me and my husband and would make a great addition to any collection this is a lovely product to use and is ideal if you fancy something a little different without having to go all out on your vibrating products stashed in your draws

You can get this mojo "svelte" cock sleeve from "magic moments" sextoyshopping.co.uk HERE for only £10.99 also making this a very affordable item
sex toy shopping with Magic Moments

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by sextoyshopping.co.uk free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

halloween overhaul


I have always been a lover of halloween and being a horror buff and lover of anything spooky october holds far more excitment for me than any other month

so with that in mind i have decide to do something a little different with my blog.

halloween overhaul woop woop plus all reviews posted in the month of october will now have a halloween theme to them and there may even be some spooktastic toys featured as well

my first halloween themed product review is the "mojo" cock sleeve kindly supplied to me by "magic moments" sextoyshopping.co.uk so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to howl with excitment

There are some great companies out there all of which have some wonderful offers on at the moment, sextoys.co.uk in particular have got into the halloween spirit with this awesome halloween collection



And just because sextoys.co.uk love their forum members ever so much they are also running a freaktacula competition, so hop on over to the vibe forum HERE to be in with a chance of winning a fleshlight freak dildo every week during october

The fleshlight freaks up for grabs are as follows

sextoys.co.uk freak a week competition

WEEK 1 prize up for grabs is the "Drac"