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From the moment I first saw the rev1000 at I knew I had to have one, being a woman you may think that's odd but I’ve always been fascinated by toys in general and male toys always hold a special pull for me, maybe it's penis envy or maybe it's just the fact I love being in control of my husband’s pleasure either way this revolutionary new male masturbator has had me very excited and I cannot thank enough for this opportunity

The rev 1000 arrived securely packaged in a discrete plain box as with all items sent from you privacy is always their top priority

The rev1000 comes in a very trendy black box with a blue design across it, no explicit pictures or designs that can spoil the look of a great toy,

The rev1000 is equipped with 7 interchangeable speeds and functions giving  you a remarkable total of 49 different settings, this alone makes the rev1000 the king of all male masturbators

The soft textured internal pleasure sleeve is features rows and rows of soft nodules designed to  caresses and tease you as it twists, spins and rotates around your shaft and as you cycle through the settings it brings you to a higher and higher state of ecstasy

The rev1000 has an ergonomically shaped handle and an easy push button control that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand leaving you firmly in control with no effort what's so ever unlike other male masturbators. With the rev1000 you don't need to move the toy up and down your shaft you just hold it in place and away it goes using a perfect design and power to excite and tantalise your every need

For those of you who enjoy the motion of masturbation do not fret you can also use the rev1000 in this manner and according to my husband it gives the experience a completely new dynamic one of which he highly enjoyed

To get started you must first apply lubricant to the inside of the sleeve and slip your shaft inside the opening a sachet of System Jo lubricant is provided for your first use, after that i would suggest a water based lube to ensure you get the best from your sleeve insert

You can then Activate the REV1000 using the easy button control unit these are clearly marked and are very simple to use then just Make your way through the various combinations of speeds and functions to experience the soft nodules as they stroke and tease you into utter ecstasy

REV1000 has an incredibly powerful Japanese motor that when on top speed has been boasted to be capable of "getting you off in an instant” this is not an ideal boast my husband has always had amazing staying power but with the rev1000 even his control was tested.

with so many different speeds and functions at your fingertips you have the ability to not only make each experience with the rev1000 different but you control how long these experiences last, Tease yourself with the slower speeds and rotation, then REV up the power to experience the most intense climax you will probably ever have my husband was very impressed by the rev1000 and it now had pride of place on his side of the bed

Unlike other male masturbators we have tried the rev1000 pleasure sleeve has a firmness and texture more suitable to his desires so for that reason alone he would rate it far higher than any other and when you couple that with the revolutionary rotation technology and it's 49 different setting you really are on to a winner making it a toy you will want to use again and again.

The REV1000 is rechargeable so can always be ready whenever you are and you will not have the worry of your battery running out at the worst possible time as the battery has great staying power, we have used it many times and not once have we needed to recharge it
The rev1000 also comes with an international adaptor enabling you to use it in a variety of different plug sockets and with a spare pleasure sleeve also thrown in you get a serious amount of pleasure for your money with the rev1000 and in our opinion it is well worth the price tag, compared to cheaper masturbators we have tried you really can tell the difference In quality

When it comes to cleaning the rev1000 it is incredibly easy, the pleasure sleeve and housing compartment comes away from the handle which holds the motor so you can easily wash your sleeve and it's housing in soap and water and as the housing compartment and seals which hold it all together can be cleaned separately you have no fear of bacteria growing
 you can purchase the rev100 direct from right HERE
Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you review

 Spunk Lube Pink

I am a huge fan of the spunk lube brand and have previously reviewed both the hybrid and the silicone lube both of which I enjoyed immensely  and still use regularly so when Jeff the creator of spunk lube approached me to review his newest creation the spunk lube pink I jumped at the chance without even a seconds thought

The spunk lube pink is a variation of the original hybrid with all the same great qualities, it is long lasting, silky and smooth to use ensure for an easy comfortable glide, it is flavourless, odourless and surprisingly despite its pink colour it is also non staining. I believe this is a great addition to the brand as for those that may be put off by the natural ejaculate  look of the hybrid lube they can use the new spunk lube pink so they don't have to miss out on all it's great qualities

Furthermore the pink spunk lube unlike the hybrid version is now glycerine free meaning it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans alike but still holds all the same great qualities that we know and love

I must admit at first i was sceptical over the claims that this new pink spunk lube addition is non-staining (as I'm sure many other would be) and having crisp white bedding I was a little reluctant to use it in bed but firmly believing in Jeff and his products I took the plunge and after a thorough use I was left with lots of light pink pretty patterns upon my white sheets which actually looked rather cool the next day I stripped my bed and placed the bedding in the washing machine with my regular liquid tabs on a 40 degree wash and i am very pleased to confirm that it is indeed non staining which for me is nothing short of genius on Jeff’s part he has once again created a remarkable product that I will continue to use and love for a very long time

Having used all three of his current spunk lube products I couldn't help but wonder where jeff was planning to go next with his brand and after dropping him an email I can now share with you not only the background behind his brand but also his hopes for the future

Here’s the lowdown from the man himself


What was the motivation behind your creating the spunk lube brand and why did you decide upon "spunk lube" as the brand name?

Jeff says “The motivation behind SPUNK Lube was to create a perfect lubricant. One that can be used for anal, vaginal, solo, toys, etc. I always hated having to use one lube for anal, one for vaginal, one for toys, 1 for jack off, etc. I wanted a lubrication that had all the pros of water based lube and all the benefits of silicone based lube. I decided to blend the 2 together and SPUNK Lube HYBRID was born. An amazing water based personal lubricant that's blended with silicone. Safe to use with all toys and condoms while not getting sticky and cleaning up easily. I decided upon SPUNK Lube as the brand because I wanted a name that would describe my unique lubricant. I initially went with STR8cam Lube but then locked in SPUNK Lube and haven't looked back.”


 From visualising your dream of creating your own lube how long did it take you to turn that dream in to reality?

Jeff says “From the time I knew I was going to move forward with creating my own lube, it only took about 6 months to make it a reality. I didn't want to rush right into it without knowing people would enjoy it. I had a few small samples made to give to key people and without telling them any details, they used "the lube" and said it was "the best lube I ever used". I then knew I had a hit and that I better get into making my dream a reality. I started looking for a printer, bottles, packaging, etc. Slowly over time (6 months), my dream came to reality. The 1st version (package) looked amateur in comparison to how it looks now. I have learned a lot over the last 3 years as people are gravitating to SPUNK Lube one at a time.”


You now have 3 lines of lube available the hybrid which is the original str8cam lube rebranded, the silicone and now the pink, where would you like to see spunk lube go next?

Jeff says ” Yes, I currently have 3 amazing varieties of SPUNK Lube and next year I'm releasing my 1st flavoured version. I'm taking in user input on twitter at @str8cam to see what initial flavour of SPUNK Lube people want and so far the top choices are mint chocolate chip, bacon cheese burger, peanut butter and chocolate, coffee, chocolate, raspberry, grape & a few others. I would love to make the 1st flavour of SPUNK Lube that my twitter followers want. I'm also going for uniqueness in flavouring and taste as SPUNK Lube is a unique brand of personal lubricants.”


Your performances and photos on have created quite a fan base do you think this has affected the growth of spunk lube as a brand?

Jeff says “YES! for sure my fan base of fans has affected the growth of SPUNK Lube as a brand. If it were not for my fans, SPUNK Lube would not be anywhere to the level it is today. When first starting out, my fans bought SPUNK Lube because I made it. After they used it and enjoyed it they then told their friends about SPUNK Lube and that has created the momentum I need to continue to make more people aware of SPUNK Lube and the unique and special choice of personal lubricants I offer. I would also like to create cooling & heating versions of SPUNK Lube in the near future.”


Spunk lube hybrid has become a firm favourite to many artists in the porn industry is there anyone in particular you would like to see utilise it that doesn't already do so?

Jeff says “I love seeing porn artists and adult studios using SPUNK Lube. Over time, my hope is that more and more adult performers and studios will turn to SPUNK Lube. It's a real honor to make a personal lubricant that people enjoy using. I try to live life so that's it's fun and not at all like "work". Even though sometimes work is inevitable. I would love to see SPUNK Lube being used by VIVID I would even be willing to send them free bottles for a mention or camera I love how Vivid does so many porn parody's like The Dark Knight XXX, Avengers XXX, Star Wars XXX, Etc. Awesome!! Would be killer to see SPUNK Lube used by Vivid or sold by Playboy.”

Thanks to Jeff I think we can all agree spunk lube as a brand is definitely one to watch, with lots of exciting plans a head for this wonderful brand you’ll be silly not to keep a close eye on Jeff and how his brand develops

You can purchase the amazing spunk lube pink right HERE

Or for hybrid lovers you can buy it HERE

And the silicone lube right HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Tuesday, 6 November 2012 review

We-vibe thrill
The thrill is the new revolutionary idea from we-vibe with a similar concept to the we-vibe 2 and 3 it is designed to give dual stimulation to both the users G-spot and clitoris but this time aimed solely for solo use

And thanks to I have been given the incredible opportunity to test and review it prior to its UK release later this month

As with all packages from the thrill arrived in super quick time and in discrete plain packaging with the thrill inside securely wrapped to ensure it arrives in one piece

The we-vibe thrill like all designs from we-vibe previously is made from high quality materials and parts which ensure this design like the others is truly remarkable

Owning a we-vibe 3 and a we-vibe tango my expectations for the thrill were extremely high and I am over the moon I was not disappointed

This new shape is in itself a feat of genius as they have successfully merged both soft sensual silicone and smooth slick abs plastic in a sleek sexy design ensuring not only is it safe as well as comfortable to use but also that it is protected against itself.
The we-vibe 2 and 3 are made completely of silicone meaning you need to keep them in the specially designed cradle at all times when not in use as silicone can react to silicone making it possible for both ends to stick to each other if they are not kept separate.
With the we-vibe thrill they have banished this worry by creating the firm yet flexible g-spot arm from 100% medical grade silicone but finishing of the design by using abs plastic for the clitoral stimulator the overall effect for me takes the best aspects of both the we-vibe 3 and the we-vibe tango and brings them together in perfect harmony. As for me the harder abs plastic of the tango and the thrill clitoral stimulator works far better than the clitoral stimulator of the we-vibe 3

The bulbous G-spot stimulator is perfectly designed to fit your body and create the perfect amount of pressure for effective g-spot stimulation and the 3 ridges only add to the sensations achieved with this toy

The thrill also features a handle, unseen on any other previous modules from we-vibe and this handle makes it much easier to keep a grip of your pleasure as there is no risk of the thrill slipping from your grasp during use which can be an issue with other modules

 The thrill has 8 settings :

1. Low: 3200 rpm
2. Medium: 3600 rpm
3. High: 4200 rpm
4. Ultra: 4800 rpm
5.  Tease

6.  Wave
7.  Pulse

8.  Cha-cha

Ensuring no matter your preference there is sure to be a setting to suit your need

The thrill also supports another new feature unseen on previous models and that's USB charging, like other we-vibe models it utilises magnetic contact charging technology enabling the products to be fully waterproof as they are a completely seal unit
These magnetic contact points are found on the top of the thrills clitoral stimulator they are smooth and rounded to ensure the users safety and I can assure you they cause no interference or discomfort during use

A full charge will take up to 90 minutes and the LED light indicator will go out once charging is complete the thrill will also not over charge as it is designed to automatically shut off so you can safely leave it plugged in overnight if you wish with no need to worry.
A full charge will last up to two hours, depending on the vibration setting, Settings with higher vibration speeds will drain the battery faster but even on the ultra-setting I have used it multiple times so far without the need to recharge it.
For those in a hurry you can also do a partial charge but you must leave it charging for at least 15 minutes.
There’s no need to drain the battery before recharging either as the charging system automatically shuts off when a full charge is reached and the charge is maintained for several months, but will continually diminish over time. For best performance, you should recharge your thrill regularly.

The USB charger means you can easily charge the thrill from your laptop or computer but it is also compatible with any commercial USB plug adaptor, the only plug adapters I have are for my iPhone and kindle and I can confirm that the thrill charging system is compatible with both and although I have yet to have it confirmed  I have found this new USB charging system works with the tango so I would assume it would work with the salsa and touch also, although as I do not own either of those models so it's just a theory. the we -vibe 3 however has a different adapter meaning you cannot charge it with this USB system but I must point out this USB charging system was created solely for the thrill so the fact it is compatible with other models is a bonus but should be used at your own discretion

Cleaning the we-vibe thrill is very simple thanks to it being completely waterproof cleaning is easily achieved In soap and water or a toy cleaner of your choice. A word of caution though when using the we-vibe thrill it is important to use a purely water based lube as with all silicone based toys they are not suitable for use with silicone lubricants as they can cause the toy to degrade over time

Thanks to the thrill being completely waterproof and it's spectacular ergonomic design I feel without a doubt it is the best option for users looking to achieve their  first g-spot orgasm simply slip into a nice bubble bath lay back and relax and let the thrill do its thing. Many women inexperienced with g-spot orgasms are put off by the feeling or pressure building and the feeling like you need to urinate so using the thrill in the bath would help those women move past that fear in a safe secure environment where they can experiment on their own and gain the confidence to use the technique else where and for us more experienced users you really can't go wrong as I’ve mentioned the ergonomic design is perfect and fits to the contours of your body better than any toy iv personal tried ( and I’ve tried more than my fair share ) Making this a must have to for any woman.


The we-vibe thrill is a truly awesome product and if you would like to get your hands on one yourself then follow the link HERE you will not be disappointed, PLEASURE GUARANTEED  

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


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The drac dildo from fleshlight


Being a long-time lover of bats and a full on horror buff when I see the fleshlight freak collection I knew I just had to have the drac dildo

When buying an item direct from fleshlight you will notice you receive no retail packaging this is because fleshlight make these directly and are shipped to you straight from the product line also by sending products out In minimal packaging makes them Eco friendly this reduces the need for packaging that will only end up being thrown in the bin making it far easier on the environment

This firm silicone beauty is a shimmery pearlescent red that is truly stunning it is detailed with a textured bat wing design wrapping around half of the shaft the other half is also textured with bumps Giving it a dual texture for double the sensation and double the pleasure. It also features a nice bulbous head and firm round testicles that make up the base of this fangtastic dildo

Made from healthcare-grade, platinum cured silicone you can rest assured you will be getting a high quality item from this fleshlight creation and the silicone itself is firm yet flexible giving you the ability to bend it to your most sensitive areas

From base to tip the drac dildo measures 7.5 inches

With an insertable length of 6.5 inches

And measures approximately 6 inches at the thickest point on the shaft

During use I found the best way for me personally to use this was to stand it up straight and ride it in a rocking motion the textured testicles stimulates my clitoris while the thick shaft teases my internal sensitive spots making this almost a due stimulation toy

Cleaning the drac dildo is very simply done in toy cleaner or just soap and water but I would suggest when using lube with this product you use only water based lube as being silicone it can deteriorate over time if a silicone based lube is used

As for storage I would highly recommend storing it in a plastic toy holder as being silicone it can pick up fluff very easily and containing it in this way will ensure it is always ready when you are

You can purchase one of these stunning fleshlight freak drac dildos direct from fleshlight HERE for currently €55.21 which is roughly £44.26 by today's currency convention review


The Vixen Creations "leoweenie" Dildo


When purchasing a product from uberkinky you can guarantee it will come in discrete plain packaging giving the customer complete privacy

Your products will be wrapped securely in bubble wrap to protect them so you know they will arrive in perfect condition

The leoweenie arrives in a clear plastic cylindrical container showing off the beautiful design of this Leo perfectly

This stunning bright orange Leo features black bats encased within the Translucent orange premium silicone shaft the bats are also made from the same high grade silicone ensuring it is completely body safe

The Vixen Creations Leoweenie Dildo also features a Flared base which is not only makes it harness compatible but also doubles as a suction cup enabling you to use it in a variety of ways and positions

The curve of the Leo  is designed to hit the G Spot every time and with the firm silicone material you can add just the right amount of pressure for the ultimate g-spot stimulation It also features a series of ridges just under the bulbous head for added stimulation ensuring every movement elicits great pleasure

The overall feel of the leoweenie is glorious if feels amazing in your hands as well as your body and is incredibly comfortable to use both virginally and anally and once covered in water based lube it glides like silk

The flared base works incredibly well as a suction cup allowing you to use it in the shower or to even attached to the washing machine for a rumbly ride

Cleaning is simple in soap and water or toy cleaner and being silicone I would advise you only use water based lube to protect your leoweenie from possible damage from silicone lube as it is possible for silicone to degrade silicone

The leoweenie is a truly wonderful dildo and is probably now one of my favourite dildos from my collection I love the fact it’s orange and the black bats make it a real one of a kind

If you would like to get your hands on one of these for yourself simply go to and pick up one HERE for currently only £39.99

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you