Thursday, 20 December 2012 review

The Lelo indulge me pleasure set

The Lelo indulge me pleasure set is stunningly beautiful before you even remove the outer sleeve you get the feel of luxury.  With its simple and elegant design the sleeve gives you only the smallest taste of the treasures it holds inside featuring a photo of the open box and contents on the back of the sleeve

Once the sleeve is removed you are left with a sophisticated black textured box that features the simple "Lelo" logo in silver. The box itself has a black satin tab you use to open the lid which is held in place by magnets. This box is not like other packaging and no one in their right mind would throw it away. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the creation of this packaging and it is obviously designed to be kept as a beautiful and discreet storage box making it an idea gift for anyone new to toys or lifelong pros

Once you've opened the box you will find the compartment within is separated into 3 separate compartments and each item is exquisite

First up we have the intima silk blindfold which is made from 100% silk and is created in a stunning purple shade with a gorgeous design on one side making this blindfold scream indulgence. It feels glorious to the touch and the padded mask and elasticated head band make it incredibly comfortable to wear. The ties of this blindfold will be used mostly for decoration by some users yet they are long enough to make simple hand ties when you position the wears hands at their head. This set is designed for sensual play, teasing and indulgence so although these ties work well do not expect them to keep your partner fully restrained these are not what they are designed to do, what they do, do is heighten your other senses and open your body up to greater sensations and these work extraordinarily well with the Tantra feather teaser.

The Tantra feather teaser is created from down-feathers dyed purple to match the silk blindfold and it is finished off with a metal and purple acrylic handle which completes the look and ensures this teaser looks simply gorgeous. The down feathers feel glorious against your skin they are soft and silky against your skin and with the lightest of touches you will have your partner’s skin heating with excitement

Down feathers are not the easiest things to clean so I would highly recommend you uses the teaser with care as intimate lubrication will not be easily removed without the risk of spoiling this wonderful tickler

Lastly we have the Noa which compliments the other items in this indulgence pleasure set perfectly after all the set is designed for couples and what better than the award winning silicone beauty that is the Noa

The Noa in this set is made from 100% pure silicone in a cerise pink to compliment the other items it features USB charging making it very versatile you can charge it with your pc, your laptop or even with a universal plug adapter for mains charging and just to make things even easier you cannot over charge your Noa so simply plug it in and walk away and it will be ready and waiting safe and sound when you return this is a great feature for those of us who prefer overnight charging no need to set your alarm with this beauty you can unplug it whatever time you wake worry free

To charge the Noa you simply unscrew the bulbous end and plug it in using the jack this is easy and hassle free and can be easily done even in the dark

Once charged you simply screw it back together and you are ready for action

The Noa features six delicious vibration patterns which will no doubt tantalise and tease your every need. I'm a power hungry girl and the little Noa does have the power to bring me to climax but it takes time. This for me is a bonus as during intercourse I do enjoy a long  build up and strong finish and the Noa gives me this however I was slightly disappointed that the vibrations do not travel though the internal stimulator as strongly as I had hoped.

The overall design of the Noa is great the internal arm is thin and contoured to fit a penis perfectly so my husband did not experience any discomfort rubbing or chafing during use which is great and although it did not stimulate my g-spot as much as I had hoped it did add to the overall experience and stimulation we both felt

The Noa is smaller than I expected but it did fit my body quite well and was very comfortable to use for both myself and my husband and the vibrations felt wonderful making it a great toy for couples to experiment with and enjoy together

The Noa is idea for use in many different positions it is comfortable and flexible which allows it to move with your bodies which my husband and I both really liked

The Noa can also be used effectively for solo use either alongside another toy or on its own for hands free pleasure, if you use the Noa with another toy you must ensure that your second product is not silicone as well as two silicone products can react to each other this is equally important with lubrication, you must only use a water based lube with your Noa

Cleaning the Noa is very easy thanks to it being 100% waterproof it also means you can use it in both the bath and shower for added fun and excitement it is also compatible with most toy cleaners so the choice really is yours

If you like what you have read within this review and would like to try this stunning lelo indulge me pleasure set out for yourself you can order them direct from right HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you review

Jimmy Jane form 2

When I first received the Jimmy Jane form 2 from I could not believe my luck, I had no idea they were sending it and I never thought I'd be lucky enough to try one for myself, without even realising the wonderful people at have made a dream come true

The Jimmy Jane form 2 is part of the "form" collection and for me the most exciting item of the current collection I personally like interesting toys for me design is important and I do love a sex toy that is a little different

The Jimmy Jane form 2 is smaller than I expected and this is a pleasant surprise as if it was any bigger I do not believe it would work half as well as it does.... and this little guy works really, really well

The form 2 comes in slate (black) or pink and the lovely staff at simplypleasure sent me it in black ohhh how they know me so very well

The form 2 is designed to be a clitoral stimulator and thanks to its dual motors and powerful flexible vibrating ears it accomplishes this with ease. The ears of the form 2 fit perfectly to the contours of the female form ensuring a comfortable and highly effective position around the clitoris as well as being able to tease your vulva and labia with no fear of chafing or pinching which is important as these areas are very sensitive for most women (me included) so a product like this is a must have for me as far too many products overlook these areas in their design making the Jimmy Jane form 2 a very special product indeed

The dual motors work extremely well and they produce a great range of setting from low intensity for beginners to a high intensity vibration setting which will please any power hungry users. It also has 4 different modes so there is sure to be a setting to suit everyone.

The form 2 is also completely waterproof so you can clean it easily with soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner, as well as giving you the option to use it in both the bath and shower which is just another reason the form 2 makes a great all round toy

Another thing I love about the Jimmy Jane form 2 is the charging station, it ensures your form 2 is clean at all times by keeping it safely inside the docking station you do not need to worry about sterilising your surface before charging it which is always an issue with toys you need to lay down to charge

when on charge the light on the front of the form 2 stays lit this is to ensure the users that it is indeed charging when the form 2 is not correctly placed into the charging station it will flash at you to let you know it need repositioning. The form 2 is a cleaver little toy it will also indicate to you how much charge it is holding When you take it off the charging or turn it on the lights on the front will flash to let you know how much charge you have left, 3 flashes indicate a full, 2 for medium, 1 for nearly empty and 4 slow for empty and I’m sure you will all agree this is one seriously handy feature after all how many of us have been half way through a play session just to have our chosen toy run out of power on us. The form 2 illuminates this possibility ensuring you are never left unsatisfied

The initial charge the Form 2 is a shocking 8 hours and oh do those hours take their sweet time to tick by but trust me when I say the form 2 is most definitely worth the wait and once you have given it, it's initial first charge all additional charges take only 2 hours just for an added bonus the jimmy Jane form 2 cannot be over charge so you can safely leave it on charge if you so wish.
The form 2 charging station also comes with a variety of plug adaptors so it is compatible with a variety of different sockets

For me the most impressive thing of the jimmy Jane form 2 is the locking feature this makes it ideal for travel as there is absolutely no risk of it accidentally activating in your bag which can be highly embarrassing. To lock it all you do is simply press and hold the "+" button and the mode button down together for a couple of seconds and it will lock the form 2 this ensure that even if you knock the buttons by accident it will not activate the toy

There is absolutely nothing I can fault the Jimmy Jane form 2 on, it's a great design, it's powerful, waterproof, rechargeable and ideal for travel. The form 2 is a pleasure to use and works remarkably well, it is very obvious a lot of work has gone into creating this product and it has been done to a truly top quality finish. The form 2 feels sensually smooth to the touch and it glides across your skin with absolutely no friction, even in your most intimate areas only the minimal amount of lubrication is needed during use

Thanks to the medical grade platinum silicone and the stainless steel charging nodes the form 2 is also completely phthalate-free and body safe and with the high performance lithium polymer battery that will last up to 7 hours on one single charge you really know you’re getting the very best of everything with this little beauty making it a must have item for every girl

 If you’re as impressed by this jimmy Jane form 2 as I am you can buy one direct from right HERE

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Monday, 3 December 2012 review


DOM-estic collars

Collars are a girl’s best friend and thanks to I have just got myself two new sleek, sexy friends

First up is The Slim Neoprene Collar it is designed to fit neck sizes from 13"to 17" and features a sexy silver buckle closure and silver reinforced size holes as well as a lead attachment to the front.

This great little collar is made from 20mm wide neoprene rubber that is 3mm thick and has hand bevelled edges for the personal touch.

 It fits nicely against your skin and feels very sexy to wear, unlike other collars it is designed to be slim and sexy, comfortable yet strong and DOM-estics have done a seriously awesome job with this, for those of you with other size need fear not for DOM-estics also do this same collar MADE TO MEASURE so be assured that whatever your need DOM-estics can cater for you and for only £14-95 for a regular or £19-95 for a made to measure collar that will be created specifically for you, you really cannot go wrong

Being made from neoprene rubber also means these collars are suitable for those with latex allergies and are also vegetarian and vegan friendly

These collars can be used for many different uses, as a fashion statement, slip on your collar for a sexy rock look, submerse yourself in  role-play and become the perfect pet or my favourite use of them all, as a restraint

Simply add a large heavy duty key ring (split ring) to the collar attachment and then you can easily attach each cuff separately to the collar using double trigger clips and there you have it, your very own throat restraint.

 Now being a huge fan of these and the overall feel of hands or equipment round my neck I was obviously very excited by this product and since receiving it I have not been able to leave it alone, it works perfectly in-conjunction with my white neoprene Rubber cuffs and the contrast in the black and white looks stunning

It is very comfortable to wear yet is strong enough to restrain even the strongest of users without causing bruising or injury which is a must for me as marks to the throat could result in questions not everyone would feel comfortable answering.

As iv said these amazing collars are made from neoprene rubber which in itself has one huge benefit over collars made from leather or other materials, during use your body temperature heats the neoprene and this makes the neoprene more supple ensuring not only that it stays comfortable during extended you but also that even under great strain the collar will not pinch or damage your skin

This collar has obviously been designed with discretion in mind and DOM-estics have once again delivered a high quality product that is able to stand up to a lot of abuse making it ideal for heavy users while staying elegant and sexy for those users who are just starting out

The second collar is made from the same high quality neoprene rubber as the DOM-estics Slim Neoprene Collar and has the same dimensions, measuring 20mm wide and 3mm thick although this time it comes without the lead attachment. This basic collar is currently not avalible from but its is avalible for only £12 from any of the fetish fairs or events they apear at. This basic collar is just as stunning as the Slim Neoprene Collar  and it is ideal for someone looking to add a rock edge to an outfit or for those who like to go all out and really dress the part, like the DOM-estics Slim Neoprene Collar this collar would also appeal to many groups within the bdsm world and would complement any outfit

My husband and I have found many uses for this collar one of which is spanking, when lashed with this collar it feels very much like a belt and if you enjoy the bite of a buckle this collar is ideal. It is also great for precision spanking unlike a belt this collar allows you to concentrate your lashings to one chosen area I for one only really enjoy my buttocks being spanked and using this collar you can be assured no stay lashes sneak round your hip or side which is something a less experienced user may have difficulty with when brandishing a belt  

The other benefit to using this collar is again its effectiveness to be used as a restraint.  For those users who are flexible this is ideal when used in-conjunction with the DOM-estics Slim Neoprene Collar. simply attach the collar to your neck and uses the large split ring and the neoprene Rubber cuffs I mentioned previously to the collar then you can easily loop this collar though the back and Using a second set of cuffs restrain the ankles in a hog tie fashion. This is something my husband and I have had lots of fun practising with and even with the added pressure these collars left no visible marks or damage to my skin which for me is very impressive and I would highly recommend buying these collars as a pair

I have been lucky enough to try a few DOM-estics products now and I can honestly say the quality of their products have been exceptional every time and even with something as simple as a basic collar it is obvious a lot of time and effort has gone into making it a high quality product and this is something mass produced items lack most of the time. I am very impressed with these products and I'm sure you will be to

If you would like to order these collars for yourself simply follow these links below Slim Neoprene Collar for £14.95 Made To Measure Slim Neoprene Collar for £19.95

Fir those who would like to also purchase the white neoprene cuffs featured in this review you can get them HERE for only £24.95 

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

rocks off review


Rocks off Ro 120mm g-spot


I have been given the pleasure of reviewing this wonderful little g-spot vibe from directly and I'm very pleased that like the other rocks off products I have used it has turned out to be a stunning little toy

The new packaging for rocks off products really does make all the difference to the overall feel of quality you get with these products unlike the previous packaging these new stylish boxes with clear plastic windows are stunning and something I would expect from far more expensive products so when receiving these items you feel like you truly have a high end product without the ridiculous price tags which is something everyone will really appreciate

The Ro 120mm G-spot bullet is a lilac colour and comes in a stunning pink box that complements it perfectly the moulded inner case holds it in position perfectly and is small and sturdy enough to be used as a permanent storage box 

The Rocks Off RO 120mm G-spot is the perfect combination of bullet vibrator and G-spot stimulator it is small and sleek yet perfectly powered

Sporting the trademark Rocks Off design embossed on either side of the smooth sleek PU coated shaft is real pleasure to use and the tapered curved tip offers nothing but satisfaction and effective stimulation to your g-spot

The tapered tip also works wonderfully well for clitoral stimulation for those who enjoy precision and power

There is a notch on both the cap and the shaft of the Rocks Off RO 120mm G-spot bullet and you need to make sure that both of these are lined up before the bullet will turn on

With five levels of powerful, pleasing vibrations controlled with an easy one touch button it is simple and easy to use and being fully waterproof it is also incredibly easy to clean with your favourite toy cleaner or soap and water, this also means you are free to use it worry free in both the shower and bath as it is safe to submerge in water during use

The Rocks Off Ro 120mm g-spot bullet uses 2 AAA batteries which are readily available from most supermarkets or local shops making it very easy to keep it working at its best  

 The Rocks Off Ro 120mm g-spot bullet only measures 14.2cm x 2.7cm x 4cm Or 5.25" x 1" x 1.5" (for those who like imperial measurements) making it nicely compact but still perfectly shaped for effective g-spot stimulation

Overall it is a wonderful little g-spot vibrator it is small and compact making it ideal for travel and despite its power it is incredible quiet which is ideal for those looking for something discreet

There is nothing about the Rocks Off Ro 120mm g-spot bullet or its packaging that I can really criticise I am very happy with the overall design and feel of the product and like the other Rocks Off products you can easily tell a lot of time and effort has gone in to making them a quality product.

The curved tip of the Rocks Off Ro 120mm g-spot bullet is perfectly positioned and allows you to apply the desired amount of pressure precisely where it's needed and as I have said it also doubles as a remarkable clitoral stimulator with all that power directed at its sensually curved tip. It is a great all round to and one I will use often

If you would like to purchase one of these for yourself you can order one direct from HERE for the bargain price of only £19.99

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you review

Ophoria pleasure 6


This great little dildo was sent to me from in discreet packaging giving no indication of what was hiding inside, a true indication of a company you can trust and rely on

The packaging for the ophoria pleasure 6 is tasteful and very pretty and clearly states it is made from 100% pure silicone and the clear plastic window allows you to see the product without the need to remove it which is great where hygiene is concerned

The first thing I noticed about this dildo was that it was not as big as I expected ( I'm terrible i hardly ever check product information ) at first glance I would of said that this dildo would be more suited to first time users but after using it I have to say I soon changed my mind

Being made from silicone it means the ophoria pleasure 6 feels wonderful exactly what you would expect from a high quality silicone toy it is silky smooth to the touch and the detailing on the shaft gives it that little something extra

The silicone itself is firm and the detailing on the shaft as well as the band around the tip are raised for added texture the ephoria pleasure 6 also features two raised nubs one on the band that accentuates the head and the other is on the suction cup I'm not convinced these have any real use but they certainly make the ophoria pleasure 6 interesting to look at as well as play with

The suction cup is surprisingly strong and stays exactly where you put it with no slipping or movement what's so ever this is something I would only expect from a product with a much larger suction cup so for me this is very impressive

During use the ophoria pleasure 6 is very enjoyable to use and surprisingly filling considering its smaller dimensions and this is down to the simple yet very effective design. The raised detail on the shaft and around the tip gives it a great texture you can feel with every movement, the raised nubs didn't really do much for me during a regular thrusting motion but you can feel them far better during use if you use a twisting motion while you use it

The suction cup will stick to a range of flat surfaces and if you attach it to your washing machine during use the vibration on the spin cycle travel through the silicone really well this enhances the texture of the ophoria pleasure 6 and adds to the overall sensations you feel during use

How it measures up:

Total length measures 6 Inches

Insertable Length approx 5 ¼ Inches

Circumference approx 4 Inches

The back of the packaging reads:

Use water based lubricant for easier insertion. Clean toy carefully after every use. Material is nonporous and can be easily washed with mild soap and water. Do not use a brush or abrasive solutions to clean.

The sticker on the bottom of the box also states it is "splash proof" which is something I would not agree with being 100% pure silicone with no motor or mechanical parts I would label it as fully waterproof after all there is nothing at all on this product that could be at all damaged by water making it a great all round product 

if you would like to purchase one of these yourself you can order one direct from along with the rest of their ophoria collection HERE
Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

rocks-off review

Rocks off Ro-val

I have recently been given the opportunity to review some products from my package was very discreet with no mention of the company or the products inside

The first item I received is the Ro-val which is a very cute necklace vibrator that non sex toy lovers would not immediately identify it as a toy it is made of gold coloured metallic plated ABS and is very smooth and shiny to the touch and sports the embossed Rocks-off logo design on the front

The Ro-val comes in a stunning black box with a clear plastic window which you could easily mistake for a jewellery box. This stylish new packaging is gorgeous and far nicer than previous packaging and gives you a real feel of overall luxury which is lovely

The pendent itself measure a tiny 55mm x 16mm and uses LR44 batteries which our provided with the Ro-val

To operate the Ro-val you simply use the roller activator at the back of the bullet this black roller scrolls from one side to the other and controls the power setting

Once on I was very surprised at just how powerful this tiny toy really is and I will openly admit it far exceeded my expectations im ashamed to say when I first see the Ro-val i thought it was more of an novelty item than a toy that would actual work well as a vibe, I could not of been more wrong the power this little Ro-val holds is far superior to many vibrators on the current market that are both far larger and more expensive and the fact it comes as a necklace is a great way to ensure you always have it on hand when ever its needed

I have warn this out many times now and many of my friends have commented on how cute it is and asking where I brought it from yet not one of them realised it was a vibrator

When using the Ro-val I was also surprised at how easy it was to control during use I personally found by wrapping the cord closest to the bullet round my finger kept it from jumping about during use and by placing my thump on top kept it in the perfect position for very effective clitoral stimulation

Cleaning the Ro-val is also super easy being 100% waterproof means you can safely clean it with soap and water and the ability to submerge it means you can safely use it in both the bath and shower.

It also means you can wear it on a day to day basis and will not have to worry about getting it wet.

I would suggest that you ensure your Ro-val is completely dry if you chose to store it as if you put the Ro-val away wet you may damage the cord necklace which in itself is not really a problem as you could always replace it with another similar cord if that were to happen

If necklaces are not really your thing why not attach the Ro-val bullet to your key ring or even a bracelet the possibilities are endless with this fun little pendant bullet

I have enjoyed using the Ro-val immensely both alone and with my husband, it is small enough to use during intercourse which is great although being so small does mean you may need to keep adjusting it as it can slip from its intended position in some positions as the small size and the smooth coating on the pendant means it can become very slippery during use but this does not take away from its overall effectiveness as a sex toy

The Ro-val is a great little toy and one I will continue to use and enjoy, it would make a great gift for many of my more innocent friends who are still new to the wonderful world of sex toys as well as my more experienced sex toy lover friends so overall a great product to add to my Christmas present lists

If you are interested in purchasing one of these for yourself you can order one direct from HERE for the bargain price of only £16.99

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you review

Baller Dual Ended Strokers

The packaging on this stroker is colourful and tastefully done, the stroker itself comes inside a clear plastic container inside a cardboard box with a simple design showing a picture of the stroker on the front

The Baller Dual Ended Stroker is made from body-safe TPE which is Phthalate free and super soft and sumptuous

The unique shape of this toy with its natural curve in the centre makes it easy to hold and allows you to apply pressure with ease

There is an opening at both ends one of which is noticeably smaller than the other which ensures whatever your size or preference of tightness around your shaft there should be an entrance to suit your need

Both these openings lead you to an internal tunnel with soft ridges and sensual nubs to stimulate your penis

 The Baller Dual Ended Stroker is suitable for use with any lube which adds to its overall ease of use as you can use your favourite lube without fear of it degrading

Once your lube is applied you simply slip your penis inside your chosen opening and revel in the sensations it provides both ends of this stroker work incredibly well and each end gives you a different sort of sensation making it rather versatile and allows you to choose between the two depending on your mood, adding pressure during use also changes the friction and stimulation allowing you to make each use as unique as the next

Cleaning of the stroker is also incredibly easy using hot water and mild soap or your favourite toy cleaner the body-safe TPE is flexible enough that you can easily clean inside with no risk of tearing although it could be possible to damage the stroker if your over rough with it during cleaning, I personally have had no issues so far and my husband and I have used and cleaned the Baller Dual Ended Stroker with no problems

Once cleaned you then leave your stroker to air dry, you will then notice it will have taken on a tacky feel to it unlike the soft smooth surface it originally had when new, this is completely normal and you can use it in this state it will have no effect what’s so ever on its performance but for those of you who prefer the original feel of the toy fear not you can easily return it to its "as new" state by simply applying baby powder or corn flour this will not only eradicate the tacky feel but will also eliminate fluff or other debris from sticking to your stroker

When storing your stroker it is best kept in its original plastic container if you chose not to apply baby powder or corn flour as it will pick up fluff in this state but when the power is applied you can easily pop it into your underwear draw or bed side cabinet ready for its next use

Overall this is a great little stroker it is very versatile and easy to use it comes in a range of colours which appear to differ in two internal design and although i can only really vouch for the aqua stroker I have reviewed here which works remarkably well and the inner canal is highly pleasurable during use i would assume each design will work just as well and the aqua Baller Dual Ended Stroker is one my husband and I will continue to use either together during foreplay or as solo masturbation for my husband alone

You can pick up the aqua Baller Dual Ended Stroker from HERE

Along with these other designs


Green HERE

Clear HERE

All of which are currently only £29.95 making then very reasonable in price and well worth the money as with care they can last for many, many uses

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you